School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science


Dean & Head of School

Prof Serestina Viriri

Prof Serestina Viriri is a full professor of Computer Science. His main research areas include Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and other Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis related areas, such as (Biometrics, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Remote Sensing, etc.). Prof Viriri is an NRF-rated researcher. He has been in academia for more than 25 years.

PA/Secretary: Ms Victress Nkone  |  |  031 260 7233

Surname, NameResponsibilityEmailTelephoneLocation
Chifurira, 260 8732Westville Campus
Ezugwu, AbsolomTeaching and 260 6584Pietermaritzburg Campus
Goswami, RituparnoResearch & Higher 260 1036Room 460, H1 Block, Westville Campus
Gwetu, Mandlenkosi  Computer 260 5650Pietermaritzburg Campus
Massamba, Fortune Mathematics: 260 5611Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ray, Subharthi Mathematics: 260 7685Westville Campus
Management Staff
Els, Leonard Manager: Technical 260 5013/033 260 3019Pietermaritzburg Campus
Whyte, 260 5768 / 031 260 7721Howard College Campus
Surname, NameDisciplineEmailTelephoneLocation
Computer Science
Dlamini, SiboneloComputer 260 7513 / 3018Room 330, H1 Block, Westville Campus
Els, Rosanne Computer 260 5662Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ezugwu, AbsalomComputer 260 6584Pietermaritzburg Campus
Fonou-Dombeu, Jean Computer 260 5644Pietermaritzburg Campus
Gwetu, Mandlenkosi Computer 260 5650Pietermaritzburg Campus
Jeewa, Asad Computer                     031 260 7676Westville Campus
Jembere, Edgar Computer 260 1035Westville Campus
Pillay, Anban Computer 260 3018Westville Campus
Pillay, KubendranComputer Howard College Campus
Singh, YuvikaComputer Westville Campus
Viriri, Serestina Computer 260 7724Westville Campus
Vorster, Luke Computer 260 1037Westville Campus
Amery, Gareth 260 2797Westville Campus
Arunakirinathar, Kanagaratnam 260 3830Westville Campus
Goqo, Sicelo 260 5047Westville Campus
Goswami, 260 7721Westville Campus
Govender, Gabriel 260 8074Westville Campus
Govinder, Keshlan 260 1363Westville Campus
Hansraj, Sudan 260 1020Westville Campus
Khuzwayo, NS               Pietermaritzburg Campus
King, 260 5642Pietermaritzburg Campus
Maduna, Snethemba 260 6595Pietermaritzburg Campus
Maharaj, Aneshkumar 260 1021Westville Campus
Maharaj, Sunil 260 1365Westville Campus
Mambili-Mamboundo, Hermane 260 5649Pietermaritzburg Campus
Massamba, Fortuné 260 5611Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mewomo, Oluwatosin 260 1002Westville Campus
Mgobhozi, Sivuyile 260 7838Westville Campus
Mhlongo, Mfanafikile 260 7574Westville Campus
Mkanya, 031 260 8382Westville Campus
Mkhize, Zanele 260 7778Westville Campus
Moodley, Kavilan 260 2543Westville Campus
Moopanar, Selvan 260 3008Westville Campus
Narain, Ojen 260 8215Westville Campus
Parumasur, Naben 260 1364Westville Campus
Quadir, Raushan 260 8195Westville Campus
Ray, Subharthi 260 76851Westville Campus
Sheng, Bau 260 5624Pietermaritzburg Campus
Shindin, Sergey 260 1362Westville Campus
Sibanda, Precious 260 5626Westville Campus
Singh, Pravin 260 7687Westville Campus
Singh, Virath 260 7687Westville Campus
Tarr, Heather 260 3020Westville Campus
Batidzirai, Jesca 260 5615Pietermaritzburg Campus
Bodhlyera, Oliver 260 5613Pietermaritzburg Campus
Chifurira, 260 8732Westville Campus
Chinhamu, Knowledge 260 3012Westville Campus
Desai, Arusha 260 7020Westville Campus
Dessie, 260 7734Westville Campus
Habyarimana, Faustin 260 5784Pietermaritzburg Campus
Hammujuddy, Jahvaid 260 8153Westville Campus
Lephoto, Thabo 260 5785Pietermaritzburg Campus
Melesse, Sileshi 260 5610Pietermaritzburg Campus
Murray, Michael 260 1013Westville Campus
Mwambi, Henry 260 5614Pietermaritzburg Campus
Nemukula, Murendeni 260 8438Westville Campus
North, Delia 260 1022Westville Campus
Ramroop, Shaun 260 5612Pietermaritzburg Campus
Roberts, Danielle 260 1015Westville Campus
Zewotir, Temesgen 260 7819Westville Campus
Zondo, Nombuso 260 8503Westville Campus
Surname, NameRoleEmailTelephoneLocation
Howard College campus
Nhlangulela, Princess BavuyileAcademic 260 3000Howard College Campus
Pietermartizburg campus
Barnard, ChristelAdmin Officer – 260 5609Pietermaritzburg Campus
Bonhomme, BevAcademic 260 5609Pietermaritzburg Campus
Shangase, ZibuyileContract Admin 260 5647Pietermaritzburg Campus
Westville Campus
Khanyile, Nondumiso Principal Academic 260 8167Westville Campus
Magwaza, CharmaineAcademic 260 2776 /031 260 3018Westville Campus
Marimuthu, ShereenAcademic 260 7136Westville Campus
Moodley, SelveraniAcademic 260 7134Westville Campus
Nkone, VictressSchool 260 7233Westville Campus
Pillay, AlershneeAcademic 260 3011Westville Campus
Sichela, PennyFinance 260 7782Westville Campus
Surname, NameRoleEmailTelephoneLocation
Combrink, GarthPrincipal 260 7677Westville Campus
Deepa, AashishAssistant Westville Campus
Els, LeonardManager: Technical 260 3019 / 031 260 8829Pietermaritzburg Campus
Greenwood, SorenSenior 260 8185Westville Campus
Moodley, ShaunPrincipal 260 6125Pietermaritzburg Campus
Tshijila, Westville Campus