School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science

DVC Scholarship winner Mr Keegan Trehaeven with Professor Naven Chetty.

Thrill-Seeking Problem Solver Awarded Scholarship

The thrill of finding solutions has always driven Mr Keegan Trehaeven’s interest in Maths and Physics.

‘I enjoy simply sitting down at a desk with a pencil and paper and solving difficult equations,’ said Trehaeven, who attended Umhlali Preparatory School and then Northwood High School.

He described himself as an average pupil at school but says since joining UKZN he has achieved more than he ever hoped for – including the College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship!

The Scholarship is awarded to the top three undergraduates proceeding from second to subsequent years of study.

Trehaeven is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science qualification in Applied Maths and Astronomy, at the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

He is happy to have received the scholarship, seeing it as an endorsement from the College and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. ‘I feel that this award means that I have earned the respect and recognition from esteemed individuals, who might very well be my future colleagues.’

Trehaeven says the award has motivated him to pursue postgraduate studies.  “I would like to thank the funders of this scholarship for recognising my hard work. It has strengthened my conviction to study towards a doctorate and pursue a career in research.”

His parents Mr Barry and Mrs Amanda Trehaeven said: ‘We are proud of Keegan because he always gives 110% in whatever he does and is deserving of all bursaries and accolades that he receives. He is a courteous gentleman and is filled with integrity. He strives for perfection and takes his studies seriously.’

Trehaeven describes his UKZN experience as being rooted in friendship and the desire to learn. He likens the University to Hogwarts (from the Harry Potter novels), saying that ‘help will always be given at UKZN to those who ask for it’.

Trehaeven hopes to base his postgraduate studies in some area of General Relativity. Wherever his research takes him, it’s hoped his solutions still provide a thrilling chase.

Words: Sashlin Girraj

Photograph: Rajesh Jantilal