School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science

Dr Hermane Mambili-Mamboundo

Senior Lecturer

Dr Hermane Mambili-Mamboundo has a PhD in differential equations and Continuum mechanics from the University of Witwatersrand. After receiving his PhD from Witwatersrand University, he embarked on a postdoctoral fellowship in biomathematics at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Muizenburg, Cape Town. Hermane Mambili Mamboundou is currently a senior lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and his research interests are in the development and analysis of Mathematical models that describe the complex dynamics of tumor growth and interactions with the immune system.

In addition, he formulates mathematical frameworks to optimize cancer treatment protocols. He uses principles of optimal control theory to determine the optimal dosage, timing, and combination of therapeutic interactions that determine the optimal dosage and maximize treatment efficacy while minimizing adverse effects. He has published over twenty articles in international peer-reviewed journals. His current research focuses on developing novel algorithms and computational tools to identify optimal treatment strategies. He combines Mathematical models, optimization algorithms, and clinical data to predict the most effective combination therapies for specific cancer types.