FacilitiesComputer Scientists are the primary users of the laboratories serviced by our Specialised Scientific Computing Units (SSCU). These laboratories comprise of:

  • Postgrad lab (Pmb) (15 seats)
  • Overflow lab (Pmb) (30 seats, G21 booking table)
  • Senior Undergrad lab (Pmb) (38 seats, G22 booking table )
  • First-Year lab (Pmb) (51 seats, G24 booking table )
  • Postgrad lab (Wv) (30 seats, Honours lab booking table)
  • Green lab (Wv) (90 seats, Green lab booking table )
  • Blue lab (Wv) (50 seats, Blue lab booking table )
  • Cream lab (Wv) (40 seats, Cream lab booking table)
  • Red lab (Wv) (90 seats, Red lab booking table )
  • Shuttleworth, Comp Physics & Science Literacy lab (Pmb) (20 seats)

All labs are run by the Specialised Scientific Computing Unit and are governed by the usage policy laid out in the document presented here.