Hloniphile Sithole Mthethwa

Dr Hloniphile Sithole Mthethwa Lecturer 033 260 5620 sitholeh@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Applied Mathematics), MSc (Applied Mathematics), BSc Hons (Biomathematics), BSc (Applied Mathematics & Statistics) Mathematics Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Hloniphile Sithole Mthethwa holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics, and is a lecturer and researcher in the Mathematics discipline at the University of KwaZulu Natal. She is supervising

Asad Jeewa

Mr Asad Jeewa Lecturer 031 260 7676 JeewaA1@ukzn.ac.za MSc (Computer Science), BScHons (Computer Science), BSc (Computer Science and Information Technology) Computer Science Westville Campus Originally in Software Development, Mr Jeewa returned to UKZN to pursue his passion in machine learning, completing an MSc in reinforcement learning, while undertaking lecturing and supervision. He then received the

Malcolm King

Dr Malcolm King Lecturer 033 260 5642 KingM@ukzn.ac.za PhD, MSc, BSc Mathematics Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr King holds a PhD in Pure Mathematics with over 10 years of teaching experience. Research interests Noncommutative Ergodic Theory Research profiles ORCID

Zelalem Dessie

Dr Zelalem Getahun dessie Senior Lecturer 031 260 7743 dessiez@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), BSc (Statistics) Statistics Westville Campus Dr Zelalem G Dessie holds BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Statistics. He has been teaching several Statistics courses and supervising students’ projects in Applied Statistics both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is involved

Delia North

Professor Delia North Associate Professor 031 260 1022 northd@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Probability Theory), Masters (Probability Theory), Honours (Mathematical Satistics), BSc (Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics) Statistics Westville Campus Professor Delia North has over 25 years experience in the teaching and design of Statistics curricula in higher education. She is also the former Dean & Head of School

Temesgen Zewotir

Dr Temesgen Zewotir Professor 031 260 7819 zewotir@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), BSc (Mathematics) Statistics Westville Campus Prof Zewotir is a pioneer and codirector of Data Science Unit for Business and Industry. He  has a strong track record in research and postgraduate supervision, consulting and is a nationally- and internationally-recognised expert in statistics methods and

Danielle Roberts

Dr Danielle Jade Roberts Senior Lecturer 031 260 1015 robertsd@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), BSc Honours (Statistics), BSc (Applied Mathematics & Statistics) Statistics Westville Campus Dr Danielle Jade Roberts holds a PhD in Applied Statistics. She has vast experience in teaching and developing undergraduate statistics modules and has been involved in the supervision of several Statistics Masters students. She has also been

Shaun Ramroop

Prof Shaun Ramroop ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 033 260 5612 RamroopS@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), BSc Honours (Statistics), BSs (Applied Mathematics & Statistics) Statistics Pietermaritzburg Campus Professor Shaun Ramroop holds a PHD in Statistics and is teaching for more than 20 years now at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His research encompasses biostatistics (public health, anemia, malnutrition, malaria, interpersonal violence,

Sileshi Melesse

Prof Sileshi Fanta Melesse Associate Professor 033 260 5610 Melesse@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), MSc (Applied Statistics), MSc (Biostatistics) Statistics  Pietermaritzburg Campus Prof Sileshi Melesse is an Associate Professor in School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. He holds three MSc degrees in different areas of Statistics and a PhD in Statistics from UKZN. He has

Thabo Lephoto

Thabo Lephoto Lecturer 033 260 5785 LephotoT@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), BScHons (Statistics), BSc (Operations Research) Statistics Pietermaritzburg Campus Thabo Lephoto is a Developmental Lecturer and an Applied Statistics Doctoral student. He has interests in environmental, biological and microbiological data that can help policy makers during interventions. Thabo has interacted with practitioners in education, microbiology, biology