Keshlan Govinder

Prof Keshlan Sathasiva Govinder Professor 031 260 1363 Phd, MSc Mathematics Westville Campus Kesh Govinder is a Professor of Applied Mathematics. He started off at the University of Natal as a lecturer in July 1996. Since then he has progressed up the ranks to Senior Lecturer (2000), Associate Professor (2004 – UKZN) and finally Professor

Gabriel Govender

Dr Gabriel Govender Lecturer 031 260 8074 PhD (Applied Mathematics), MSc (Applied Mathematics), BScHons (Applied Mathematics), BSc (Physics) Mathematics Westville Campus Dr Gabriel Govender completed his Postdoctoral studies in Relativistic Astrophysics (2011) and started lecturing in 2012. He is involved in undergraduate teaching of applied mathematics.  He is also currently supervising an MSc student

Kanagaratnam Arunakirinathar

Dr Kanagaratnam Arunakirinathar Senior Lecturer 031 260 3830 PhD, MSc Mathematics Westville Campus Dr kanagaratnam Arunakirinathar completed his PhD at University of Cape Town, in 1995 with a thesis entitled: “Mathematical and computational aspects of enhanced strain finite element methods”.   He then worked at various universities in South Africa, and went to UK to

Megan Morgan

Dr Megan Jane Morgan Honorary Senior Lecturer 031 260 7682 PhD, MMath (Combinatorics and Optimization), BMath Mathematics Westville Campus Dr Megan Jane Morgan has six research publications, supervised 5 honours projects, 4 Masters theses and refereed 10 research articles. She has also attended 10 mathematics conferences, including South African Mathematics Conferences, British Combinatorial Conference – presenting contributed talks. 

Snethemba Maduna

Ms Snethemba Hlobisile Maduna Lecturer 033 260 6595 MSc (Mathematics), BScHons (Mathematics), BSc (Applied Mathematics, Chemistry and Mathematics) Mathematics Pietermaritzburg Campus Ms Maduna is a nGAP lecturer at the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. She is an emerging researcher in mathematics. Her research is based on Differential Geometry. She holds a MSc

Heather Tarr

Ms Heather Tarr Senior Tutor 031 260 3020 MSc (Applied Mathematics), PGCE, BScHons (Applied Mathematics), BSc (Physics & Applied Mathematics) Mathematics Westville Campus Heather Tarr has been teaching at UKZN since 2004.  Her background is in Applied Mathematics (Ecological Modelling), in which she holds an MSc (Cum Laude).  In recent years, her focus has

Raushan Quadir

Dr Raushan Ara Quadir Senior Lecturer and Researcher 031 260 8195 PhD(Appl Maths), MS(Appl Maths), MSc (Appl Maths), BScHons (Pure Maths) Mathematics Westville Campus Dr Quadir, a Canadian Commonwealth scholar, is a well versed lecturer with over 25 years of teaching experience in different fields of Mathematics, ranging from Engineering to Finance to Applied Health Science.

Oluwatosin Mewomo

Prof Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo Professor 031 260 1002 PhD, MSc, BScHons Mathematics Westville Campus Prof Mewomo’s research area is functional analysis. In particular, Banach algebras. The main focus in his research is the notion of amenability and its various manifestations.  He is also presently developing interest and working on nonlinear operators with applications. In