Ojen Narain

Dr Ojen Kumar Narain Lecturer and Researcher 031 260 8215 naraino@ukzn.ac.za PhD, MSc Mathematics Westville Campus Dr Ojen Kumar Narain is a mathematics lecturer. He does research in differential equations and mathematics education. Dr Narain is a well versed lecturer with 25 years of teaching experience. Research profiles Google Scholar ResearchGate ORCID Scopus

Kavilan Moodley

Prof Kavilan Moodley Associate Professor 031 260 2543 moodleyk41@ukzn.ac.za PhD, MSc, BScHons, BSc Mathematics Westville Campus Prof Moodley’s main research interest lies in confronting cosmological theories with observational data. In particular, his research focuses on how cosmic microwave background datasets, in combination with large-scale structure surveys, may be used to probe the early universe. Media

Mfanafikile Mhlongo

Dr Mfanafikile Don Mhlongo Lecturer and Researcher 031 260 7574 mhlongomd@ukzn.ac.za PhD, MSc, BScHons, BSc Mathematics Westville Campus Dr Mfanafikile Mhlongo is a Mathematics 1 coordinator and supervisor of three MSc, one MSc (Eng.) and one PhD students. His field of research include applications of Lie symmetries to models describing heat conduction in extended surfaces

Fortuné Massamba

Prof Fortuné Massamba Associate Professor 033 260 5611 Massamba@ukzn.ac.za PhD, PGDM, PGCDG, MSc, BSc Mathematics Pietermaritzburg Campus Prof Massamba’s research interests are in Riemannian and semi-Riemannian geometry, Geometric structures on manifolds, CR-submanifolds of almost complex manifolds, contact and symplectic geometry, Lightlike geometry, and Geometry of submersions.   His past research focused on moduli spaces of connections

Sunil Maharaj

Prof Sunil Maharaj Senior Professor 031 260 1365 maharaj@ukzn.ac.za BSc Mathematics Westville Campus Prof Sunil Maharaj holds the South African Research Chair in Gravitating Systems funded by the National Research Foundation and the Department of Science and Technology. He has been Director of the highly productive Astrophysics and Cosmology Research Unit at UKZN since 2005,

Aneshkumar Maharaj

Prof Aneshkumar Maharaj Senior Lecturer 031 260 1021 maharaja32@ukzn.ac.za Phd, Masters, BAHons(Maths) Mathematics Westville campus Prof Maharaj’s research interests include the teaching and learning of mathematics, advanced mathematical thinking, APOS (action-process-object-schema) Theory applied to mathematical topics and e-learning. He is an associate member of Multiversity Consortium for the HP Global Education Catalyst.