Pravin Singh

Dr Pravin Singh Senior Lecturer 031 260 7687 PhD Mathematics Westville campus Dr. Pravin Singh is a Senior Lecturer at the Scool of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. Research profiles ResearchGate ORCID Scopus

Precious Sibanda

Prof. Precious Sibanda Associate Professor 033 260 5626 PhD (Manchester), MSc, BScHons (Zimbabwe) Mathematics Pietermaritzburg campus Prof Sibanda’s primary research interests are in applied mathematics, specifically theoretical fluid mechanics and numerical analysis. He has worked on problems on hydrodynamic stability and heat and mass transfer in boundary layer flow. Emerging secondary interests include mathematical

Sergey Shindin

Dr Sergey Shindin Lecturer 031 260 1362 Ph.D. (2002) in Physics and Mathematics, M.Sc in Applied math (1998) Mathematics Westville campus Dr. S. Shindin works in the field of Numerical Analysis and its publications. The earlier research was focused on numerical methods for ODEs and DAEs. Current research interests are in the field of

Subharthi Ray

Prof. Subharthi Ray Associate Professor 031 260 7685 PhD Mathematics Westville campus Professor Subharthi Ray is an Associate Professor at the School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. Research profiles Google Scholar ResearchGate ORCID Scopus

Paranjothi Pillay

Dr Paranjothi Pillay Senior Lecturer 031 260 7688 PhD (Mathematics) Mathematics Westville campus Dr Pillay has a PhD in Functional Analysis and does research in Topology, in particular metric spaces.  She is passionate about lecturing and has more than 25 years of lecturing experience Research profiles Google Scholar ResearchGate ORCID Scopus

Ojen Narain

Dr. Ojen K Narain Lecturer and Researcher 031 260 8215 PhD(Witwatersrand), MSc(UDW) Mathematics Westville campus Dr Ojen Narain is a mathematics lecturer. He does research in differential equations and mathematics education. Dr Narain is a well versed lecturer with 25 years of teaching experience. Google Scholar ResearchGate ORCID Scopus

Kavilan Moodley

Professor Kavilan Moodley Associate Professor 031 260 2543 PhD 2002 Cambridge University, MSc 1998 University of Natal, Durban, BSc (Hons) 1996 University of Cape Town, BSc 1995 University of Cape Town Mathematics Westville campus Prof Moodley’s main research interest lies in confronting cosmological theories with observational data. In particular, his research focuses on how