Asad Jeewa

Mr Asad Jeewa Lecturer 031 260 7676 MSc (Computer Science), BSc Hons (Computer Science), BSc (Computer Science & Information Technology) Computer Science Westville Campus Originally in Software Development, Mr Jeewa returned to UKZN to pursue his passion in machine learning, completing an MSc in reinforcement learning, while undertaking lecturing and supervision. He then received

Luke Vorster

Mr Luke Vorster Researcher and lecturer 031 260 1037 MSc Computer Science Westville Campus Mr Vorster has a strong software engineering background, with professional experience in the fields of high-performance computing, software development methodologies, and enterprise architectures. Mr Vorster also has over 20 years of experience as a musician – he is an accomplished

Serestina Viriri

Prof Serestina Viriri Dean and Head of School 031 260 7724 PhD (Computer Science), MSc (Computer Science), BSc (Mathematics & Computer Science) Computer Science Westville Campus Prof Serestina Viriri is a full professor of Computer Science. His main research areas include Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, and other


Dr Brett van Niekerk Senior Lecturer 031 260 7301 PhD, MScEng, BScEng, CISM Computer Science Westville Campus Dr van Niekerk has experience in academia, industry and with professional bodies. He is a NRF-rate researcher with a focus on cybersecurity, information security and critical infrastructure protection. His BSc and MSc are in electronic engineering, and

Anban Pillay

Mr Anban Pillay Lecturer 031 260 3018 MSc (Computer Science), BScHons (Computer Science), Diploma (Datametrics), B.Paed (Science) Computer Science Westville Campus Mr Pillay is a lecturer in Computer Science. He is the node coordinator of the UKZN node of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research ( He has facilitated several Computer Science course since

Edgar Jembere

Dr Edgar Jembere Lecturer 031 260 1035 PhD (Computer Science), MSc (Computer Science), BScHons (Statistics) Computer Science Westville Campus Dr Jembere is a lecturer in the Discipline of Computer Science. He is a member of the UKZN node of the Centre of Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR). He has facilitated several Computer Science modules, and mentored and supervised quite a number

Mandlenkosi Gwetu

Dr Mandlenkosi Gwetu Senior Lecturer 033 260 5650 PhD (Computer Science), MSc (Computer Science), BSc (Mathematics & Computer Science) Computer Science Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Gwetu’s research areas include Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning; with particular emphasis on datasets in the Biometric and Medical Imaging domains. His lecturing assignments encompass Advanced Programming, Artificial

Jean Vincent Fonou-Dombeu

Dr Jean Vincent Fonou Dombeu Senior Lecturer 033 260 5644 PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons) Computer Science Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Jean Vincent Fonou-Dombeu is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science discipline of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the North-West