Nombuso Zondo

Ms Nombuso Zondo Lecturer and Researcher 031 260 8503 MSc , BScHons, BSc Statistics Westville Campus Miss Zondo is a lecturer in the discipline of Statistics. She has a passion for teaching statistics and its application in life matters. Research interests Her research interests include Statistics in Education and Statistical Modelling. Just as it

Henry Mwambi

Prof Henry Godwell Mwambi Associate Professor 033 260 5614 PhD, MSc, BScHons (Mathematical Statistics) Statistics Pietermaritzburg Campus Prof Henry Godwell Mwambi has taught theory and applied statistics courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His main application areas are in the biological and health sciences, particularly modelling population and disease dynamics. At the University

Michael Murray

Professor Michael Murray Associate Professor 031 260 1013 PhD, MSc Statistics Westville Campus Prof Murray interests include time series analysis, econometric modelling with specific application in the area of structural equation modelling and latent variable modelling. He has also published articles in the field of statistical education. Research profiles ResearchGate

Arusha Desai

Ms Arusha Desai Lecturer 031 260 7020 MSc, BScHons Statistics Westville Campus Ms Desai has over 15 years of experience in the field of Statistics. Her areas of interest are in Sampling Theory and Astrostatistics. She is also a member of the South African Statistical Association Research profiles ResearchGate

Oliver Bodhlyera

Dr Oliver Bodhlyera Senior Lecturer 033 260 5613 PhD, MSc (Statistics), BSc Hons Statistics Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Oliver Bodhlyera holds an MSc in Statistics and Operational Research and has been a lecturer at UKZN since November 2009. He researches on mixed models and clustering based on kernel density estimation. Research Profiles ResearchGate ORCID Scopus

Pravin Singh

Dr Pravin Singh Senior Lecturer 031 260 7687 PhD Mathematics Westville Campus Dr Pravin Singh is a Senior Lecturer at the Scool of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. Research profiles ResearchGate ORCID Scopus

Precious Sibanda

Prof Precious Sibanda Associate Professor 033 260 5626 PhD, MSc, BScHons Mathematics Pietermaritzburg Campus Prof Sibanda’s primary research interests are in applied mathematics, specifically theoretical fluid mechanics and numerical analysis. He has worked on problems on hydrodynamic stability and heat and mass transfer in boundary layer flow. Emerging secondary interests include mathematical biology/epidemiology. He

Sergey Shindin

Dr Sergey Shindin Lecturer 031 260 1362 PhD (Physics and Mathematics), MSc (Applied Math) Mathematics Westville Campus Dr Sergey Shindin works in the field of Numerical Analysis and its publications. The earlier research was focused on numerical methods for ODEs and DAEs. Current research interests are in the field of spectral methods for PDEs,

Subharthi Ray

Prof Subharthi Ray Associate Professor 031 260 7685 PhD Mathematics Westville Campus Professor Subharthi Ray is an Associate Professor at the School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. Research profiles Google Scholar ResearchGate ORCID Scopus