Dr Sileshi Fanta Melesse
Sileshi Melesse

A lecturer in School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science since July 2010. He holds three M.Sc. degrees in different areas of Statistics and a PhD in Statistics from UKZN. 

He has more than 16 years teaching experience of which seven years are at UKZN. His research interests are, longitudinal data analysis, Structural Equation modelling, linear and nonlinear mixed models.

  PhD in Statistics (UKZN) 
M.Sc. in Statistics Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia )
M.Sc. Applied Statistics University of Hasselt (Belgium)
M.Sc. in Biostatistics University of Hasselt (Belgium)

   033 260 5610
Recent Publications:
  Melesse and Zewotir (2017). MODELLING THE EFFECT OF TREE AGE AND CLIMATIC FACTORS ON THE STEM RADIAL GROWTH OF JUVENILE EUCALYPT CLONES. Bulletin of the Transylvania University Brasov Series II: Forestry • Wood Industry • Agricultural Food Engineering • Vol. 10 (59) 11-26. 

Melesse and Zewotir (2017).Comparison of Two Nonlinear Growth to Study the Stem Radial Growth of Eucalyptus Tree Baltic Forestry • Vol. 23 (2): 437-438. 

Melesse and Zewotir (2015). Fitting Three Parameter Nonlinear Growth Curves Using Nonlinear Mixed Effects Approach: South African Statist. J. vol. 49, 223 – 240.

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