Mr Retius Chifurira

Retius Chifurira

Dr Chifurira is a teacher and statistician by profession. He has more than 20 years teaching experience. 

His research interest lies in Extreme Value Theory (EVT), Econometrics, Time series and Survival analysis. Dr Chifurira is a member of South African Statistical Association

Quote:   “We are masters of our own destiny”
 Position:   Senior Lecturer
Qualifications:   PhD (Statistics)
MSc (Statistics)
BSc Hons
PG Dip and Dip Ed 
Telephone:   031 260 8732
Recent Publications:
  Chifurira, R., and Chinhamu, K. (2017). Using the generalized Pareto and Pearson type-IV distributions to measure value-at-risk for the daily South African mining index, Journal of Studies in Economics and Econometrics, 41(1), pp 33-53.

Chifurira, R., Chikobvu, D., and Dubihlela, D. (2016). Rainfall prediction for sustainable economic growth, Environmental Economics, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 120-129.

Chifurira, R., Chinhamu, K., and Dubihlela, D. (2016). Co-integration analysis with structural breaks: South Africa’s gold mining index and USD/ZAR exchange rate, Banks and Banking Systems, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 107-117.

Chikobvu, D., and R. Chifurira (2015). Modelling Extreme Minimum Rainfall in Zimbabwe using Generalized Extreme Value Distribution. South Africa Journal of Science, 111 (9/10), pp 1-8.

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