Mr Knowledge Chinhamu
Knowledge Chinhamu

Mr Chinhamu has more than 15 years teaching experience. He is a member of the South African Statistical Association. His research interests lie in financial time series, extreme value theory and econometric modeling. 

Mr Chinhamu is a recipient of the S_2 A_3 Medal of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science, for the best original research at Master’s degree Level at the University of the Free State.

Quote:   "It can be done."
  MSc (Statistics)
BScHons (Statistics)
PGDip (Project Management)
BSc (Mathematics and Statistics)
  031 260 3012
Recent Publications:
  K. Chinhamu, C-K. Huang, C-S. Huang and M. J. Hammujuddy (2015). Empirical analyses of extreme value models for the South African Mining Index. South African Journal of Economics, 83(1), 41-55.

K. Chinhamu, C-K. Huang and L.E Kemda. (2015).Value-at-Risk for the USD/ZAR Exchange Rate: The Variance-Gamma Model. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 18 (4), 551-566.

K. Chinhamu, C-K. Huang and D. Chikobvu (2015). Evaluating Risk in Gold Prices with Generalized Hyperbolic and Stable Distributions. South African Statistical Journal Proceedings: Proceedings of the 57th Annual Conference of the South African Statistical Association for 2015 (SASA 2015): Congress 1. 

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