Ms Jesca Batidzirai
Jesca Batidzirai

Jesca is Statistician whose interests are in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health research and Applied statistics. She’s now pursuing her PHD in Biostatistics. Jesca is a member of South African Statistical Association (SASA).

Quote:   "Think like a Statistician"
  MSc (UFH)
BScHons (UFH)
BSc (Zimbabwe)
  033 260 5615
Recent Publications:
  A Health promotion project for Sub-Saharan university students: Result of focus group sessions (2014)

Health promotion project for university students at a South African university: Result of a pilot survey: Diet and exercise activities. (2013)

Sexual attitude and behavior of university students at a rural South African university: Result of a pilot study (2012)

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