Associate Professor Henry Godwell Mwambi
Henry-Mwambi     I have taught both theory and applied statistics courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. My main application areas are in the biological and health sciences particularly modelling population and disease dynamics. In the University of Natal and now KwaZulu-Natal, I have taught theory and applied courses among them a Biostatistics course at both undergraduate and graduate levels covering key areas in biostatistics namely general epidemiology principles, cohort studies, case-control studies, survival analysis and clinical trials.

My main research area is on statistical and mathematical modeling and analysis of infectious disease processes at the individual and population level. I am currently working with PhD and Masters students on various topics in biostatistics and epidemiology such as the analysis of non-Gaussian longitudinal and clustered disease outcome data, survival analysis, modelling recurrent event longitudinal data with reference to epilepsy, and infectious disease modelling. Some of the students I have supervised are now employed as Biostatisticians and academics in leading medical and bioinformatics research institutes and centers and universities within South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and abroad 
Quote:   “Collaborative research is driven by common research interests regardless of distance or location of the collaborators”
 Position:   Associate Professor
 Qualifications:   PhD
BSc (Hons) Mathematical Statistics
 Telephone:   033 260 5614
 Recent Publications:   Ngesa, O., Mwambi, H. and Achia, T. (2014). Bayesian Spatial Semi-parametric Modeling of HIV Variation in Kenya. PLoS ONE, 9(7), e103299. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0103299

Dawit, A.G., Zewotir, T. and Mwambi, H. (2014). Using Rasch Modeling to Re-Evaluate Malaria Diagnosis Test Analyses. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 11, 6681 – 6691.

Achia, T.N.O., Mwambi, H. and Weke, P. (2014). Statistical properties of the Dorfman-Sterrett group screening procedure with errors in decision. South African Statistical Journal, 48, 1 -18.

Ngesa, O., Achia, T. and Mwambi, H. (2014). A flexible random effects distribution in disease mapping models. South African Statistical Journal, 48, 83 – 93.

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