Oluwatosin Temitope Mewomo
Temitope Mewomo  

Dr. Mewomo research area is functional analysis. In particular, Banach algebras. The main focus in his research is the notion of amenability and its various manifestations.

He is also presently developing interest and working on nonlinear operators with applications. In particular, fixed point theory and optimization problems. He has successfully supervised over fifteen masters and PhD students in Banach algebras and fixed point theory.

  Senior Professor
Qualifications:   PhD (Abeokuta)
MSc (Ife)
BScHons (Abeokuta
  031 260 1002
Recent Publications:
  F.U. Ogbuisi and O.T. Mewomo, Iterative solution of split variational inclusion problem in real Banach space, Afrika Matematika, (2017), 28 (1-2), (2017), 295-309. (MR3613639)

O.T. Mewomo, Note on character amenability in Banach algebras, Math. Reports, 19 (3), (2017).

S.M. Maepa and O.T. Mewomo, On character amenability of Semigroup algebras, Quaest. Math. 39 (3) (2016), 307-318. (MR3510728).

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