Dr Robert Willie

Robert Willie

I am an all round complete research scientist in Nonlinear Analysis and Applications, so as a collaborative researcher  for BCAM. I hold a Golden Title Licentiate  Degree in Maths and Education for my MSc,  a Magister Scietiae in Applied Maths for my PhD  and a Summa cum laude in my  DSc. Maths. 

My research  interests are ranging  from Evolutionary equations and dynamical systems, Exact controllability of PDEs,  Spectral analysis- Degree  and Bifurcation Theory,  Nonlinear analysis techniques for  Elliptic PDEs,   Asymptotic methods to Numerical analysis .  Teaching experiences: Snr. High School, College Maths, to Post-graduate at university. 

  "The Devil Wins When The Good Are Not There!"
 Qualifications:   PhD. Maths
DSc. Maths. ( University Complutense of Madrid, Spain.)
MSc. Maths
  031 260 7150 
 Recent Publications:   Analysis and numerical simulations of a chemotaxis model of aggregation of microglia in the Alzheimer's disease. Communications in Mathematical Analysis, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 117-180,2013.

Spectral analysis, an integral mild solution formula and asymptotic dynamics of the derivative Klein-Gordon type wave equation. JADEA. Volume 2. No.1. pp. 54-84. (2011).

Asymptotic dynamics of the derivative Ginzburg-Landau equation. Journal of Analysis & Applications. Vol 8. pp.1- 31. 2010.

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