Dr Jean Medard T Ngnotchouye
Jean Madard Ngnotchouye-    Dr Ngnotchouye is an active researcher in theoretical and numerical aspects of system of conservation laws.  He also has interest in optimization and optimal control.  He has delivered many award winning talks and he has published seven papers in international journal and conference proceedings. 

He is a regular participant at the Mathematics in Industry Study Group held at the University of Witwatersrand.  Dr Ngnotchouye has taught analytic method for partial differential equations and applied optimal control at postgraduate level for the past three years. 

  "Success is always the result of hard work and commitment to specific objective."
Qualifications:   PhD
Post graduate Diploma
Recent Publications:
  C Please, DP Masson, CM Khalique, JMT Ngnotchouye, AJ Hutchinson, N van der Merwe and H Yilmaz. Fracturing of an Euler-Bernouilli beam in coal mine extraction, Int. J. of Rock Mech. And Mining Sci. Vol. 64, pp. 132-138, 2013.

JMT Ngnotchouye, M Herty , S Veelken and MK Banda. Relaxation approaches to the optimal control of the Euler equations. Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 15, No 4, pp. 574-584, 2010.

MK Banda, M Herty and JMT Ngnotchouye. Toward a mathematical analysis of the multiphase drift-flux model in networks. SIAM J. Sci. Comp, Vol. 31. No 6, pp. 4633-4653, 2010.

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