Professor Bernardo Rodrigues

Bernado Rodrigues

My research interests are in the theory of finite groups, combinatorial design theory, and the links of these to algebraic coding theory and algebraic graph theory, permutation decoding, and modular representation theory. 

I also work the dynamics of epidemiological disease transmission, using networks defined by graphs. With more than 15 years of working experience in tertiary education, I lectured courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  "Who dares to teach must never cease to learn"
  Associate Professor
Qualifications:   PhD in Mathematics
MSc in Mathematics
BScHons in Mathematics
  031 260 2630
Recent Publications:   P Dankelmann, J. D. Key and B. G. Rodrigues, Codes from incidence matrices of graphs. Des. Codes Cryptogr.  68 (2013), (1-3), 373 –393

D Crnkovi'c, B G Rodrigues, Sanja Rukavina and L. Simvci’c, Self-orthogonal codes from orbit matrices of 2-designs. Adv. Math. Commun.  7, (2013), no.2,  161–-174.

J Moori and B G Rodrigues, Some designs and binary codes preserved by the simple group  Ru of Rudvalis. J Algebra 372 (2012), 702-710.

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