Chun_Kai Huang
chun kai huang   Exchangeability; Multi-phase sampling with multi-level auxiliary variables; Curve & distribution fitting; Moment problems; Extreme value modeling; Probability theory; Bayesian theory; Statistical Applications to financial, educational, geomatics and biological data.
  Honorary Lecturer
  MASt (Cantab)
BScHons (Natal)
Recent Publications:    C-S. Huang, C-K. Huang and K. Chinhamu (2014). Assessing The Relative Performance Of Heavy-Tailed Distributions: Empirical Evidence From The Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Journal of Applied Business Research, 30(4), 1263-1286.

K. Chinhamu, C-K. Huang, C-S. Huang and M. J. Hammujuddy (2014). Empirical analyses of extreme value models for the South African Mining Index. South African Journal of Economics, early view.

C-K. Huang (2014). On exchangeability and Hausdorff moment problems over k-dimensional simplexes. South African Statistical Journal, 48(1), 73-81.

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