Dr Megan Jane Morgan

Jane Megan Morgan  


Dr Morgan completed her first degrees at the University of Waterloo, Canada, in the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization. She has been lecturing at the university in Durban since 1982.  

Her main research interest, and the topic of her PhD (attained in 2013), is Chemical Graph Theory.  She has attended numerous conferences, both locally and internationally, and has presented several contributed talks.  Dr Morgan is a dedicated teacher, having ably lectured for over 30 years, in all branches and levels of undergraduate mathematics.

  "Learning mathematics is like learning a foreign language. It requires consistent effort; and the more it is studied, the more its beauty is seen."
  Phd (UKZN)
MMath (UWloo, Canada)
BMath (Hnrs)
  031 260 7682
Recent Publications:
  M. J. Morgan, S. Mukwembi, Bounds on the First Zagreb Index, with Applications,  in: I. Gutman (Ed.), Topics in Chemical Graph Theory, Match Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry, University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac 16a (2014), 215-228.

M. J. Morgan, S. Mukwembi, H. C. Swart, A lower bound on the eccentric connectivity index of a graph. Discrete Applied Mathematics 160 (2012), 248- 258

M. J. Morgan, S. Mukwembi, H. C. Swart, On the eccentric connectivity index of a graph. Discrete Mathematics 311 (2011), 1229-1234.

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