Dr Moumita Aich

Moumita Aich    Research Topic: Cosmology and Radio interferometry.

Currently I am involved in observing the sky at radio frequencies using the C-Band All Sky Survey (C-BASS) in the Karoo, South Africa and the forthcoming Square Kilometre Array (SKA). The main target is to study the effects of galactic emissions and subtraction of them from the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation to infer information about the early universe.

I am also working with
radio data from CARMA (Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy). I am also working on setting limits on non-Gaussianity using Lyman-alpha forest and quasar distributions. I am also continuing my work started during my PhD on cosmological parameter estimation for various inflationary models including isocurvature scenarios, statistical isotropy violation and weak lensing of CMB anisotropies and polarization.
Name:   Dr Moumita Aich 
Discipline:    Astrophysics & Cosmology

PhD – IUCAA, Pune, India
M.Sc. – IIT Kanpur, India
B.Sc. – Presidency College, Kolkata, India

Telephone:   031 260 8149
Email:   moumita.aich@gmail.com
Supervisor:   Professor Kavilan Moodley

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