Dr Mohammad Sharifuddin Ansari

Anne Marie K. Nzioki    Research Topic: A Numerical study of some hydromagnetic flow and heat transfer in the presence / absence of induced magnetic field.

Heat transfer analysis on free convection in an electrically conducting viscous fluid subject to an externally applied magnetic field have received a good deal of attention from their important applications such as plasma studies, cooling of nuclear reactors, boundary layer flow control, geothermal energy extraction, the early stages of melting and its transient heating of insulating air gap by heat input at the start up of furnaces etc. Free convection studies have been carried out both theoretically as well as experimentally. 
  Mohammad Sharifuddin Ansari
  Applied Mathematics
 Qualifications:   Ph.D (Applied Mathematics)
MSc (Mathematics and Computing)
 Email:   shariffuddin@gmail.com
 Supervisor:    Dr Sandile S Motsa

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