Dr Fidy Andriamanankasina Ramamonjisoa

Fidy Ramamonjisoa
  Research Topic: Search of short period radio transients using PAPER (Precision Array for Probing the Epoch of Reionization) radio telescope data.

The focus of the research is to develop and implement on one hand, a dedispersion algorithm and on the other hand a matched filter or alternate techniques for extracting the fast transient signals from the PAPER telescope radio data. 

The exploration of the radio transient is hampered by the limited sensitivity of instruments. Fortunately, new radio facilities are under commissioning or construction. For example the next generation arrays such as the MeerKAT and the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will improve the knowledge of the fast transient bursts, which remain largely unexplored at the moment. More importantly, the present active research area of radio transients is one of the key science goals of the SKA project.
  Fidy Andriamanankasina Ramamonjisoa
  Applied Mathematics (Radio astronomy)
 Qualifications:   PhD
BSc Honours
 Email:   framamon@gmail.com
 Supervisor:   Prof. Subharthi Ray and Prof. Jon Sievers

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