Anne Marie K. Nzioki
Anne-Marie-Nzioki     Research Topic: Higher Order Theories of Gravity

Higher Order Theories of Gravity (HOTG) and in particular Fourth Order theories of Gravity (FOG) have been recently found to be good candidates for explaining the cosmic acceleration phenomenon. In spite of this, the physics of FOG and their higher order generalisations is still largely unknown and including the validity of these models. We investigate the physics of HOTG on both cosmological and astrophysical scales.

Another important feature to be considered is finding exact and/or approximate spherically symmetric solutions to describe isolated astrophysical objects in HOTG and then to match these solutions properly to appropriate cosmological backgrounds. 
 Name:   Anne Marie K. Nzioki
 Discipline:   Applied Mathematics  - Cosmology and Gravity
 Qualifications:   PhD – Applied Mathematics
MSc – Astrophysics and Space Science
MSc – Theoretical Physics
BSc –Theoretical Physics
 Telephone:   031-260-8149
 Supervisor:   Prof. Sunil D. Maharaj

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