Community Based Initiatives

Discipline of Mathematics

The discipline has a strong record of service to society and perceives itself as a product of the wider society charged with the responsibility to contribute to the development of the society at large.

A variety of initiatives are in place to interact regularly with two major local role-players: the general public and pre-university learners and teachers. The pre-university learner is of primary interest to us for obvious reasons; the future of the discipline depends on our ability to identify and nurture young talent. 

Some community activities, in which staff members have been recently involved in are as follows: 
• The International Mathematical Olympiad,
• The South African Mathematics Olympiad,
• The Inter-Provincial Mathematical Olympiad,
• The (AMESA) KZN Mathematics Challenge,
• Learner Development Programmes, 
• High school visits and giving talks of general interest, 
• Teacher Conferences/Seminar series/Workshops, e.g., geometry workshops,
• School Teacher Development including offering our mainstream mathematics (MATH130 -Introduction to Calculus) to High School Mathematics teachers on a part-time basis.

Members of the School also provide service to national and international scientific community by participating in activities of professional associations/societies such as the;
• Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). Prof S. Maharaj is a member of the Council, Prof J. Banasiakis a member of the panel developing collaboration with the German Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina), 
• South African Mathematical Society (Prof P. Sibanda and Prof B. Rodrigues are members of the SAMS Council), 
• SA National Committee for the International Mathematical Union (Prof E. Bruning is the Chair of the Committee), 
• African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Prof J. Banasiak is a member of the Advisory Board). 

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